North London based singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Zak Abel, has been on my radar for some time. I first heard his incredible voice on the Gorgon City track ‘Unmissable’ and really liked how soulful it was. From there, he released two Ep’s ‘Joker Presents…Zak Abel’ and ‘One Hand On The Future’. They both featured soulful tunes mixed with solid hip hop style beats, electronic stylings and a real funky swagger. It’s not hard to see why last year he was on the list for ‘Hot for 2015’ by BBC Radio 1Xtra.

His latest release ‘Everybody Needs Love’ speaks on how sometimes we become so lost in ourselves we forget to ‘pay attention’ to what is most important. In this case, Zak is letting us know that love is the much needed “wake-up call” to realise what really matters and to stop being so self-absorbed.


Lyrically, Zak initially sings about his own self-doubts and realises that everyone else goes through the same troubles because “There’s no patience in our eyes, in these god forsaken times”. It’s an uplifting tune with a striking social message anchored by a funky baseline, rattling beats and electronic blips that make for a chilled listen.

I appreciate that the song is not about romantic love but showing love through how we treat others and self-love. That is why Zak passionately sings “I keep holding on for love”, as without it in our lives we’re likely to be misguided.

‘Everybody Needs Love’ serves as the lead single for Zak’s upcoming debut album  “A Love Electric”. It’s a solid teaser and I can’t wait to hear what else he has in store.

Favourite Lyric “I put the face on hoping on, no one in the mirror’s keeping watch”.

Check out his video below for ‘Everybody Needs Love’ featuring his impressive table tennis skills all shot in one continuous take.

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