Sir The Baptist is the latest artist I would like to share. He was raised in Chicago and his work is influenced by his father who was a Baptist pastor. I like that his name is a symbol of both his religion and his city. John the Baptist in the bible is known for being the voice in the wilderness and Sir’s aim is to be the voice of reason that highlights important issues. Chicago is the historic home of Jazz, Blues & R&B which birthed artists like Sam Cooke and Nat King Cole, Sir adopts these sounds but puts his own spin on it.


Recently with artists like Chance The Rapper, Chicago is becoming notable as a city where genres are blended together to create a unique sound. Sir The Baptist’s sound is definitely unique, his music is defined not as ‘only for religious people’ it adopts classic faith styles but translates moral messages that anyone can relate to.

sir 2

Wake Up’ was my introduction to Sir The Baptist, it combines many genre influences and features ChuchPeople, a gospel collective who give it a refreshing soulful vibe. I appreciated the message about being conscious to the truth and believing we can change the world together. He also sings about being and doing something great- understanding the power within you, to make a difference.

Creflo Almighty Dollar’  addresses the capitalist goals of religious institutions and the one’s that exist within us. The hip-hop beat rides along bluesy piano chords as Sir the Baptist energetically spits gritty poetry with a rap like flow. He hits you with a dose of reality- money is not the root of our purpose.

Sir acknowledges that sometimes we have to ‘Raise Hell’ to ensure our voices are heard in protest of what is right and why injustices in the world should not be ignored. Turn this one up loud as it feels like a celebration of how freeing it is to speak your mind. The imagery in the video is just beautiful and definitely makes you think too.

Sir The Baptist’s upcoming album Preacher’s Kid, is one to look out for. It acknowledges his religious background but freely speaks on topics that are not confined by conventional perspectives. Check him out on Twitter, Instagram and listen to his songs on SoundCloud.

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