Majid Jordan delivered a slick, smooth and sensational show, taking their late night alt R&B Jams to new heights. The Canadian duo made up of singer Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman, started to get noticed in 2013 when they featured on Drake’s hit ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ and they then had a hand in crafting Beyoncé’s introspective groove ‘Mine’ on her self-titled album. When they started releasing their own material on their EP ‘A Place Like This’ and recently their debut album ‘Majid Jordan’ they managed to create a sound of atmospheric house tunes with a dark but danceable vibe. Initially, I was worried that their mainly mid-tempo tunes wouldn’t translate that well live but the show ended up being one big party.


Majid said they had to kick off their European Tour in a big way by starting off in London and he was not wrong. Taking place in the nightclub Heaven, the sold out crowd loudly cheered along to the songs, let go and danced and even chucked articles of their clothing at Majid Jordan as they performed. It’s the first gig I’ve been too with such an enthusiastic crowd, they knew every word and it really added to the electric atmosphere in the intimate space. The stage was kept minimal. Standing light beams provided a pulsating energy against a dynamic screen which featured alternating bright and bold colours and minimalist designs which suited to the mood of each song.


The dance and R&B production helmed by Jordan was seamless and sounded so good in the club setting. The tracks flowed into one another with such ease; it felt as if you were listening to a great playlist that you didn’t want to end. There were times, like when they performed tracks like ‘My Love’, ‘Her’ and ‘Something About You’ that I had to put my phone away, close my eyes and just get down.

Majid has such a distinctive clear vocal that really suits the cool vibe of their songs. His stage presence was reserved at first but as the night went on he really got into it, reminding me a little bit of Usher’s stage swag. His voice also held up really well throughout the night, considering he didn’t have any back-up singers which really impressed me. A great moment came when Majid dedicated their song ‘King City’ to their families and his impassioned smooth vocal made the moments when he broke into falsettos  mesmerising.

Majid regularly giving props to Jordan and vice-versa made it really feel as if two brothers were performing on stage doing what they love. For their future gigs it would be interesting to hear their material backed by a live band as I think it would add another dimension to their performance. Overall, attending the gig made me want to go back and listen to their music even more which is why I love experiencing live music.


Check out their song ‘My Love’ft. Drake off their debut album ‘Majid Jordan

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