Scarlet Pleasure are a talented Danish trio full of soul, a dash of pop with a bit of funk on top. The band consists of childhood friends Emil Goll on lead vocals, Alexander Malone on bass and Joachim Dencker on drums, who decided to make their dreams into reality. I discovered their music with the help of Spotify last year and became instantly hooked.2016-07-06.png

Windy was my introduction to Scarlet Pleasure and it sounds literally like a cool breeze, making it such a nice listen especially with its laidback synth pop vibes. Sensuality is all over this record, I love the way Emil sings the lyric “I knew you were up to something when I caught you body bumping against the wall”, ooh chile.

‘Wanna Know’ finds Emil singing about being caught running back and forth with a lover about whether they should fight for their relationship or say goodbye. It has such a throwback 90’s R&B beat and when the chorus comes around, the vibes take a hold of you and keeps you bopping.

‘Heat’ is pure pop perfection through and through. I remember when I first heard this, it took me aback because we don’t really hear songs like this anymore but by the end I was a fan. The funky beat is hypnotic and gets you longingly shouting “I need your heat” to in my case an imaginary lover. The video compliments the song brilliantly and stylistically emphasises how much Scarlet Pleasure are in their own lane.

‘The Strip’ pulls from the shimmery 80’s pop sound with terrific results, you coast smoothly along with this song, it’s relaxed and chill and by the end you really want to go “get in lost in Hollywood”.

I look forward to seeing this band more, I think their music has a real unique vibe to it and definitely deserves to be seen by audiences around the world. Definitely go back and check out ‘Mirage‘ their first EP and then take a listen to their brilliant new album ‘Youth Is Wasted On The Young’. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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