Meet a multi-talented talented duo called J-Unity who are singer-songwriters, rappers, and instrumentalists set out to become your favourite twins. I’m all about championing up and coming talent and definitely think these guys have what it takes to add something different visually and sonically to the UK  music scene and worldwide.

They were first introduced to us on our screens when they auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in 2013 armed with a guitar, great vocals and a funny charm, it was clear that united they had something good going on. The boys successfully reached to the semi-final but their story didn’t end there.

They have continued to hustle and work on crafting their own sound of slick R&B packed with tight harmonies and striking bars. Their previous soulful cut ‘Queen’ really highlights this, telling listeners to appreciate the power of a woman and acknowledge how “without the woman, they can be no man”. It’s uplifting and positive, you really get a sense that they are nice guys intent on sharing positive messages.

I also quite like how laidback their sound is, you can tell they understand how to use their voices to create chill melodies that really put you at ease. Conversational and relatable are two words that pop up in my mind when I listened to the effortlessly dreamy ‘Drive Away’

Their latest single- a refix of Bryson Tiller’s Self Righteous is perfect for when you’re in your feelings and need to listen to something to let go and let love. The video shot in London is a beautiful backdrop as the duo talk about a girl doing things she “shouldn’t do” but they can’t help but serenade her to “Come and be mine” on this smooth trap infused slow jam.

For their future tracks I would also like them to experiment with the guitar they featured in their BGT auditions and see how it works with R&B/Soul beats. I definitely think their building upon their sound and it’s clear they are highly creative and write their own songs which really brings their artistic voice across.

Keep up to date with J-Unity on TwitterInstagram , Soundcloud & YouTube. They are definitely one to watch!

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