Entertainer, Entrepreneur and independent music mogul, D∆WN is a one woman machine intent on not letting stereotypical labels prevent her from portraying what a black woman in the music industry should represent. Citing Björk and The Cranberries as influences, the decision to make the music D∆WN grew up loving has ultimately paid off because living in her truth has meant that she has not comprised her sound and is able to execute in her own lane with such stylistic finesse.

This was clearly obvious in her headline gig at the vibrant refurbished Nightclub, XOYO in London where the crowd were hyped for a good time. As soon as D∆WN’s instrumental for Faith blared out the sound system, dancing was immediate and felt as freeing as D∆WN’s music. She rightly opened her concert directly singing “You never lost faith in me” to her fans with such conviction in her deliciously smooth tone that you really felt the gig was a celebration of the journey she has made so far.

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With her latest material D∆WN has been pushing the envelope further in electronic music and her set reflected this. It featured up-tempo cuts that sent energy surging throughout the room which coupled with dazzling light projections on a triangle which served as a set piece symbol of D∆WN’s interconnected musical trilogy, impressively awakened the senses.

Although the stage was small, D∆WN made sure with her hypnotic dance moves that she used every inch of the stage and was supported by her talented backup dancers to create visually enticing moments. D∆WN has a versatile voice that was in fine form on the night, allowing her to put soul in the deep ends of her voice and scaling breath-taking high notes with ease.

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It must be a trippy feeling for her to know that she came all the way from growing up in New Orleans to performing in Europe, having people pay to see her shows and jam to her unique sound. Her two-piece band breathed further life into her existing material like the sultry James Dean, sensual Dance and the relentless Not Above That which finds D∆WN  singing in an ethereal falsetto “I want it all” and be damn sure she’ll take it.

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The highlight came when she performed the frenetic club banger Wake Up and came down into the crowd without the need for security and joyously danced amongst everyone who couldn’t believe their luck. Often there is some sort of a physical separation between the musician and the audience because of the stage but D∆WN coming down on the same level meant that everyone in the room was one in the same enjoying the joys of music.

Recently she has delivered a VR music video, fashion film, animated visualiser and with being the first artist to perform a YouTube Live 360 performance that D∆WN train is moving fast. If you don’t rock with the movement, D∆WN is unapologetically not waiting for you to recognise why she is one of the most exciting artists in music.

Check out her latest single- ‘Cali Sun’ which is all about how the dreams of artists in the industry rise and set like the California Sun.

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