I recently attended the finale showcase of an artist development programme called Ultimate Artists which gives talented singers, songwriters and producers the opportunity to better their craft. They do so by spending 9 days participating in workshops specific to certain aspects and disciplines of the music industry leaving them with the knowledge to achieve what they desire.

Before the artists took to the stage, one of the renowned director’s Joshua Alamu, spoke about how the artists had to really dig deep and realise that their time on the course would push them to figure out who they really are.


The artists’ comfort zones were left behind and they worked on enhancing the values that make them good people through the vehicle of music. Therefore, by participating they ended up taking away valuable life lessons, making the programme more than just about music. I think this is so important because in the industry you are quickly judged on your character, your talent, your looks and so, knowing exactly who you are and your worth is a priceless asset.

The evening was a celebration of all the hard work and dedication of the musical collective all from many different countries including Malta, Ireland, Poland, Slovenia and the U.K. I decided to feature some highlights from the showcase for you to discover more about the great things Ultimate Artists has to offer.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre requires a lot of technical skill and discipline so when the artists came on and sang beautifully in an ensemble it was mesmerising.


You really got to see visually how important it is to be in harmony with people you are working with and so, their great chemistry as a cohort made the sound to be oh so sweet.

Original Songs

As a music fan I appreciate hearing the voice of an artist through the lyrics they have written. I think it’s very important that musicians get involved with the music-making process of their songs as it allows the listener to have a stronger connection to the music.14285087_10208171981191401_118048523_o

The artists delivered a variety of brilliant original songs in different genres such as Dance, Rock, Indie and R&B. It definitely highlighted that music comes in many different shades and it was great to hear them creatively express themselves they way they wanted.

Songwriting And Production

Picking up on making sure artists are involved with aspects of making music, this workshop allowed the artists to think about ways of creating songs from scratch within groups. They got the chance to go into a studio, craft beats, lyrics and melodies in order to get a sense of how it would really be to pitch music in the industry.


Relationships are often the key to success and sometimes working with others doesn’t go too well but that is okay because in difficult moments there is always something to learn form. However, when it goes well, magic can happen and the Ultimate Artists came up with some great songs that sounded like hits to me!


The last part of the showcase highlighted the great vocal talents of some of the artists and allowed them to reinterpret popular songs and it was mind-blowing to see some of them really give it their all.

It was here I thought about the work that goes into having a presence as a performer on the stage and why it is important to know who you are. During a performance, the audience and the performer enagage in a form of instant communication that results in either cheers, boos or silence.


As a performer if you are not free within yourself it really does show and prevents people from connecting to you.  It must be initially such a scary experience to go on the stage and be watched by so many people who are not afraid to voice their opinion and still remain confident in your ability to deliver. However, these artists really showed why they deserved to be on that stage.

After witnessing all the great talent it is clear the course gives a realistic account of what goes into making an ultimate artist. The team that supported the artists put in 20 hour days to ensure they got the best experience. You really got a sense that this was a big community making magic with their inspiring stories and undeniable talent.


I definitely think this is a great programme for creatives who are looking to challenge themselves and take their career to the next level. If you are interested in learning more about the Ultimate Artists 2017 course there is more information here.  You can also find Ultimate Artists on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube too!

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