Listen up! Stormzy‘s debut album ‘Gang Signs & Prayer‘ is brilliant, wait more than that it’s life changing. The honest discussion about the highs and lows of his life as he tries to achieve his dreams really connected with me. I can tell I will be playing this album for quite a while to really digest it all.


The album is so cohesive it’s a visual statement of what you can achieve when you believe in yourself. Stormzy could have sat on his talent and waited for a major label album to believe in him and fund his ideas but instead he knew what he was worth and slowly worked on GSAP until it was ready and boy was it worth the wait.

Soon as ‘First Things First‘, the album’s opener came blaring in through my headphones with Stormzy boldly declaring “First things first, I’ve been putting in the work.” I knew this was going to be a situation.

So it was clear that I had to feature 7 of my favourite songs from GSAP in this week’s Tune Your Mind-Vol. 4 as the songs had me hyping in the early hours of the morning and then made me think deeply about issues that he discussed that i’ve gone through. This is what you want from music to be honest- it serves as a soundtrack to your life and a means of articulating your feelings when you are not able to.


Get into this week’s playlist and Tune Your Mind:

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