I recently had the chance to attend the Valentines Edition of Love Lounge at Proud Camden and with Love Lounge’s name standing for- Letting|Our|Voices|Entertain they certainly did not dissapoint in entertaining everyone with a great collection of artists that made sure everyone had a good time!

This was not a normal gig for me though. I was asked by digital marketing pro Patrice Camille (check out her inspirational instagram) to collaborate with her digital marketing company Pink Ship to cover the event and of course I jumped at the chance!


Pink Ship handle social media management, ad campaigns, content creation, video & photography in the best way possible so if you are need of some help with those things, definitely drop them an email and visit their website.

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I really enjoyed getting an insight into all the hard work that goes into social media promotions. The team moved like a well oiled machine, instantly posting great content , capturing the best angles of the night and made sure everyone knew the Love Lounge was the place to be.

A HUGE thank you to my Pink Ship Ltd team!! This isn't all of us, Roma and Rhian are still in LA working away on our other client projects and some amazing projects of their own. But I was SEVERELY held down by the rest of the team last night at Love Lounge. Yes we covered the event on social media (not done yet) but man, the perfect harmony between us all, the efficiency, patience, and professionalism was so strong and I'm so proud and thankful! Ashley from @mindaboutmusic was gracious enough to collaborate with us on this project and brought his beautiful joy! Thank you guys., you're awesome! #work #marketing #networking #ceo #boss #follow #smallbusiness #money #teamwork #creative #brainstorm #goals #girlboss #bossbabe #love #socialmedia

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Usually when I go to a gig I make sure I find a great spot and stick to that spot because if I move it’s guaranteed I am not getting that spot back.


This time, I got to snake through the crowd and capture different visual moments. The DJ did a great job setting the good vibes spinning 90s/00’s throwbacks which are always a winner with me .


I’m sure that as soon as you press play below your head will start bopping immediately.

The space was warmingly intimate and was set up with chairs and sofas which made for a relaxed atmosphere as the audience were able to sit and just get into the music at their leisure.


The Love Lounge evening was hosted by the hilarious Mo The Comedian who had the audience roaring with laughter from the minute he stepped on the stage.


It’s definitely not easy being a comedian and making a crowd stay on your side all evening but Mo definitely made it look easy! One of my favourite moments was when he took to freestyling with the band and put a different twist on the Fresh Prince theme tune.

The house band also kept us engaged as we waited for the first act to come on, this was a great addition as instruments always bring that extra energy . I especially loved when they did their take on Solange’s incredible ‘Cranes In The Sky‘- major tune alert.

Sam Tompkins opened the evening with his guitar in hand and set the tone with his mellow tunes and soulful vocals, definitely check out his SoundCloud


I really enjoyed his set and he didn’t have a band it was just him and that has to be applauded because he let himself be open and connect to the audience. It was great to hear Sam take on Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River’ and Drake’s ‘Fake Love’ which definitely got the audience jamming.

Sometimes, events can be let down by keeping the audience waiting a long time in between the different acts but Mo The Comedian‘s game of ‘Name That Song’ was a great way to entertain the crowd.


Two members of the audience were played a song by the DJ and the first person to guess correctly won, things got pretty tense and you just couldn’t stop laughing.

In the end there was only one team who could win and they had to give it their best shot at Giggs‘s Whippin Excursion.


The audience who were a great mix of people and were one of the favourite audience’s i’ve seen as they were really supportive, very vocal and definitely had me in stitches, which made Love Lounge for me even better.


Shan Smile graced the stage with her lovely presence and breath-taking vocals, she was my favourite of the night without a doubt!She effortlessly took the us through the highs and lows of love as she strummed her guitar as the audience were left captivated.


A highlight came when she mashed up NAO- We Don’t Give A with H.E.R.- Losing which was like RnB heaven! Also, Shan Smile told us she remembered when performed outside of Proud Camden so to sing inside was a great moment, which is proof you should never give up! Check out Shan Smile’s SoundCloud and be blown away.

It was great to see Etta Bond perform live as I first heard of her about five years ago when she released the blindingly brilliant track ‘Ask Me To Stay‘ so it was nice to see her close the evening.


I liked Etta’s energy live, there was a grit and honesty to her perfomance as her silky vocals glided over the house band’s sick backing. The audience were so into her performance by the end, their lively applause at the end definitely meant she was a hit, which was well deserved. Check out Etta’s SoundCloud and get your life.

Intimate music events are often my favourite to attend because it’s easier to connect to the artists and collaborating with the marketing team at Pink Ship really made me appreciate how far I’ve come since starting my blog. I love to to create visual moments for people who missed out on event to experience it when they read my reviews and I definitely enjoyed covering Love Lounge and would love to go again! Defintely be on the look out for Love Lounge’s future events by following their Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


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