I think of playlists like a story of sounds. The first track usually represents the initial energy of the playlist. Then as I piece together the rest of the playlist I find songs that blend well sonically or lyrically as if they were meant to naturally be placed together.

giphy (4)

By the time the listener gets to the middle I always like to switch the pace or the sound almost as if the story is taking a new turn, suprising the listener with something they might not have been expecting.

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Now just as the begining of a playlist is important I keep in mind that as the playlist comes to an end there is a statement to be made, something special that makes you want the listener to take away with them once it all comes to an end.

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I love making playlists because you get to create a piece of you with music.


This week’s volume was all about taking the side of my personality that likes to take things nice and easy when things get stressful.


Psychological research has found that music can help the feeling of stress melt away and after pressing play below I can most certainly see why.

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